STATO M glides add a harmonious complement to the MOVE family of casters, used for chairs or furniture. The glides are available in two design series: in the "elegance" version with a chrome-plated ring as well as in the "dynamic" style, so with a black, white, blue, red, orange, or green ring element. STATO M is now available as both a tall and a low model.

STATO M also utilizes changeable bottom pieces. There are three variations to accommodate hard and soft flooring surfaces. A standard flat bottom is intended for use on carpet for a relatively stationary item. The felt is designated for hard floors, especially delicate hard wood. The convex option is intended for easy gliding over carpet. It is also available as an electrically conductive (ESD) version. As with all products from Gross Stabil, the STATO M glide is also available with the patented No-Noise™ stem as well as all standard fixings.

These glides offer a complete look for a product family needing both casters and glides.