GSB 320 - Nova 27

With advanced bushing system!

GROSS STABIL base made of aluminium.
BIFMA and GSC tested.
Static load capacity: approx. 3.000 lbs.
Dynamic load capacity: approx. 300 lbs.

Available with the following finishes:

  • polished
  • chromium plated
  • prepared for paint
  • black painted
  • silver painted

Part numbers: GSB 320

  D1 D2 D3 H weight packaging
mm 50 662 700 86 5.3 (lbs/pc.) 4 (pcs./bundle)
inch 2 26.1 27.6 3.4
Recommended GROSS STABIL casters with neck-diameter of 38 mm.
Part number:

DDZB 89-44x2, hard wheel 50 mm, chromium plated

DUZB 89-24x2, soft wheel 50 mm, chromium plated
Part number:

DDK 99-44x2, hard wheel 50 mm, polyamide black

DUK 99-24x2, soft wheel 50 mm, polyamide black
Part number:

F 36 BG 1x2, polyamide black
Other casters and glides are available. Ask for our complete caster catalog.