Gross Stabil is known worldwide for our broad range in caster offerings. Traditionals have been popular with our customers for many years and continueing even yet today. A small sampling of casters currently used by our North American furniture customers are shown here and available in may options.

  • Wheel Size 30mm-125mm
  • Wheel Tread soft or hard for the proper application with various floor surfaces
  • Neck Diameters 16mm - 45mm for a proper fit to your furniture (chair base or table leg)
  • Un-hooded or Hooded casters available in various sizes
  • Zinc die-cast Body with either polished or black finished
  • Finishes in antique, brass or chrome; hooded available in some models
  • Reverse Brake will lock when seated in the chair or stool and is a great application when needing to be stationary or still with no chair movement while seated (example: drafting stool)
  • Manual Lock/ Brake with a foot lever such as used on a table or desk to lock in place
  • rc®-system, available on most models, controls the roll of the caster with a resistance feature. It prevents the chair from rolling away from you when you get up out of the chair, but moves freely when you sit in the chair.
  • Fixings are available in your choice and best suited to your application: No-Noise™ stem, push-fit stem, threaded stem, plates, and grip-neck stem with sockets for metal or wood. 

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